calendar 2018

the past years we have organized great events at the following locations:

Restaurant | Club BIRD | Rotterdam
swimmingpool Tropicana | Rotterdam
Hilvaria Studios | Hilvarenbeek
Floating pavillion Rijnhaven | Rotterdam
cinema | podium Gigant | Apeldoorn
hotel Nhow | Rotterdam
restaurant Pllek | NDSM | Amsterdam
theatre Walhalla | Rotterdam
Holland Casino | Breda
Zaal Staal | Rotterdam
KINO | Rotterdam
Restaurant Bureau | Amsterdam
Restaurant Kantien | Utrecht
Hilton Hotel | Rotterdam
Cinema Culinair is a pop-up concept. We are continuously searching for locations to enhance the Cinema Culinair experience. What you see is what you eat and drink, and not only that: you're also at the right location.
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Walhalla Cinema Culinair
Theatre Walhalla | Julie & Julia (photo: Ossip van Duivenbode)