Top 5 of Helen Mirren dissing food dishes

Top 5 of Helen Mirren
dissing food dishes.

Food is always fun in film. It is cooked, eaten, thrown and serves well for both seduction and comfort. But it’s even better to see Helen Mirren dealing with food. Because she really knows how to diss a major food dish. Here’s the top five of Helen Mirren dissing food dishes.

Cruelty in
The Fiendish Plan of Dr. Fu Manchu

Helen Mirren Fu Manchu
Duck a l'orange in The Fiendish Plan of Dr. Fu Manchu
In this rather silly last film of the infamous Peter Sellers, Helen Mirren plays a police constable (not for the last time) doubling the Queen of England (also, not for the last time). She falls in love with the evil Dr. Fu Manchu and food-tortures the key bearer of the Tower of London to give access to the Crown Jewels. All she needs is a really beautiful Canard à l’Orange, complete with its head. She fiendishly holds the dish under the hungry man’s nose, and takes it away, just when he starts to bite.

Boredom in The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover 

Of all the food hinting sex, the green asparagus is Helens favorite. In The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover she is totally bored at the lavish dinner table with her husband, the thief. No words here, the way she eats her asparagus shouts boredom. At the moment she eats the asparagus she sees another customer in the restaurant, immersed in a book, and falls in love.

Perfection in
The Hundred foot journey

100 foot asparagus
The green asparagus in The Hundred Foot Journey
“Now, last night, we served this. Miserable, overcooked asparagus. In this restaurant, the cuisine is not an old, tired marriage, it is a passionate affair of the heart.”

Helen Mirren said to The Telegraph about this scene: “A great line. I don’t think you can make a literal connection with sex but certainly food is incredibly important to human relationships and mutual enjoyments.”

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Domination in the queen

As Queen Elisabeth in The Queen, Helen Mirren had a good practice for her role as Madame Mallory in The Hundred Foot Journey. In one scene out at Balmoral, Elisabeth shows her distrust of Philips barbecue techniques, as she brought her own plastic containers with lamb stew. And in another scene she commands her whole kitchen staff to go elsewhere, stopping their mise en place, because she insists on answering a private phone call in the kitchen. 

Envy in The Hundred foot journey

In The Hundred Food Journey, Helen Mirren plays out many aspect of being a proud patron of a Michelin star restaurant. She’s clearly envious and hostile when an Indian family opens up a restaurant next to hers. When Hassan wants to make up for the foul play of his father, he cooks her a perfect pigeon on croute with truffels. She tastes one spoon of the sauce and.. throws it in the garbage can. She tasted his perfect cooking skills and couldn’t stand it.

Honest Helen Mirren herself

helen mirren
Helen Mirren peacefully slicing a premiere cake..
As herself, Helen Mirren told the Telegraph: “The only food I miss when I’m away from England is Indian food,” “To me, Indian food has become British food. It’s synonymous with my country. That’s what I desire.”

And to Radio Times she confessed: “I’m a useless cook. Seriously. For me, it’s always accidental. Occasionally, I will cook something fabulous, and then I can never remember how the hell I made it. Usually I say, “Maybe I’ll put a little mustard in here” or, “I’ve got some coriander seeds, I’ll chuck those in” without thinking. And then it’s fantastic and I can never remember why. Movies are the same. You can put all kinds of wonderful ingredients into it, but you never really know if the thing is going to come together. The proof is in the watching. “
calendar girls
Helen Mirren pressing apples in The Calendar Girls. 
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