Easy-going film about a boy discovering his passion for cooking. With classic English dishes, such as chicken in a basket and pork pie and with a great sixties soundtrack of Dusty Springfield. British comedy with a laugh and a tear and fluffy as a meringue.

good film

Toast! (SJ Clarkson, 2010) is a comical coming of age drama about the British cook Nigel Slater (Freddie Highmore). Nigels mother does not share his culinary fascination. Her highlight is: toast! After the death of his mother, his father falls in love with the housekeeper (Helena Bonham Carter). She cooks one tasty dish after another. But Nigel can also cook well. Who will win the love of his father? Go back in time to England at the end of the sixties with beautiful images and soundtrack by Dusty Springfield. 

good food

Toast is a retro-British experience, from beginning till the end. Ofcourse there's toast, but also tasty pies and chicken in a basket. A good old British dinner PLUS high-tea. 

Menu with six dishes

Spaghetti bolognese 
Pork pie*
Shepherds pie with green vegetables
Smoked haddock 
Shrimp cocktail**
Lemon meringue pie
* Contains pork
** Contains shellfish
Cinema Culinair serves no alternative menus. In case of a food allergy, we advise you to skip the particular course(s). Check this before your order at
toast toast

great timing

What you see is what you eat, at the same time. The culinary script of Cinema Culinair is leading for the chef and his crew: timing is of the essence. One example. If the leading character in the film eats a bit of his pork pieole meuniere at 15 minutes and 37 seconds, we want our guests to do the same. One minute earlier or later makes all the difference between good and fabulous! In the end it’s all about the extrasensory sensation; you see, hear, taste, smell and feel the film.

When is the next cinema culinair of this film? 

Toast is one of our specials. We will screen the film once every two or three years.

keep me posted about the next show!

did you know...

The story is about Nigel Slater, who has a cameo at the end of the film. Check out our blog about Slater and the best English food. 
TOAST wedding
Toast has a lot of nostalgia: the food, the fashion, the music and the colours. Check out a lot of interesting details about the art direction of the film.
Director S.J.Clarkson has directed TV-series as Life on Mars, Eastenders and Jessica Jones. In 2018 it was announced she's the director of the fourth Star Trek film. 
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