The Hundred foot journey

France versus India. Picturesque, romantic and culinary fireworks with French and Indian cuisine in this Hundred Foot Journey. Beautiful images, delicious dishes and ... a taste with Helen Mirren. A film you really have to see, hear, smell and taste!

good film

The Hundred Foot Journey is a feel-good film taking you to the French village of Saint-Antonin. An Indian family starts a restaurant, 30 meters (or 100 foot) away from a prestigious French Michelin starred restaurant. Yes, begging for trouble.. The film is a culinary fairytale with beautiful images, a catchy soundtrack (Bollywood) and the finest dishes from French and Indian cuisine. And of course... with Helen Mirren. so don't miss this film. More information about the film can be found here.

good food

Impossible NOT to eat during this tug-of-war between the Indian and French cuisine. The film is full of the tastiest dishes, sauces and spices. A film you really have to taste, without having to choose your favorite at the end: French or Indian cuisine.

Menu with eight small dishes

Tandoori chicken skewers 
French cold platter*
Indian thalis
White fish on yellow rice and vegetables
Pigeon en croute
Boeuf Bourguignon*
Red fruitcake
* contains pig meat

The small print: There is no vegetarian option for this film. In case of allergies, we advise you to skip the specified course(s). Check this before you buy your tickets at
The Hundred Foot
The Hundred Foot

great timing

What you see, is what you eat. Timed exactly with the film. The culinary script of Cinema Culinair is leading for the chef and the service. Good film + good food + great timing. The clou is in the latter. An example. When Madame Malory (Helen Mirren) eats an omelet at 67 minutes and 17 seconds, we want our guests to taste exact the same thing. One minute sooner or later is the difference between a good and a fan-tas-tic experience. What matters is that you will not only see and hear the film, but also taste and feel it.

when is the next cinema culinair of this film?

The Hundred Foot Journey is one of our top favorites. Our goal is to show the film at least two weekends every yesr.


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