private events

Cinema Culinair for your private or business event

a special event

  • Cinema Culinair is a public and open event, for groups of 24-48-72 people, you can visit a Cinema Culinair event, seated at your own table(s). Are you looking for a private event for your company, teambuilding, birthday or other celebration with colleagues or friends? Let us know. Cinema Culinair can be organized in one of our locations or maybe at a location of your own choice. Phone or mail us for ideas!

location, location

A location has to meet some basic demands to fit Cinema Culinair:
  • Size: a high event space suitable for projection (minimum of 3 meter, preferably 4,5 meter).
  • No columns: Everybody should be able to comforably see the film and enjoy their food
  • Covered windows: no light from outside, please.
  • Private: no other guests disturbing the film
  • Kitchen: use of a professional kitchen and a large backstage for prepared food.


Check out our catalogue of films+dinners but also the film+drinks events. Are you into more Indian food? Cuban or Mexican? Or delicious French or Italian food. Romantic, feel good or drama? We have a nice variety of films suitable for business events or parties.
Notorious bij Gigant, Apeldoorn
Film+drinks at Music center Gigant Apeldoorn
Zaal Staal
Film+dinner business meeting at stylish Zaal Staal. (Foto: Daria Scagliola)