What you see is what you get: great food and drinks, simultaneously watching a great film. You will taste the same delicious dishes as in the film, perfectly timed at the right moment. That’s Cinema Culinair. Good film + good food + great timing. A unique experience. The clue lies in the timing. For example, when the main character in the Brazilian film Estômago eats a coxinha at 20 minutes and 54 seconds: our guests will do exactly that. A minute earlier or later makes the difference between a good and fan-tas-tic experience! Ultimately, what matters is that you will not only see and hear the film, but also taste and feel it. Check the calendar for the upcoming shows.



Once a year we organise an evening with film and drinks. A set of numbered drinks and a snack is ready for you at the start of the film. When the timer is shown in the film: simply toast with the actors. Cheers!
Hotel Nhow (Photo: Ossip van Duivenbode)
Wereldmuseum (Photo: Daria Scagliola)