lost in translation

Sophisticated comedy about Japan, international travellers and a five star hotel. With beautiful drinks resonating the atmosphere of the film. Perfect film to see in an international hotel.

good film

Lost in Translation is a subtle tragicomical film from 2003 by director Sofia Coppola. It takes you right to the anonymous and alienating Tokyo. Movie star Bob Harris (Bill Murray) is in Tokyo to record a commercial for the whiskey brand Suntori. The young Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) stays in the same five star hotel. Bob and Charlotte run into each other a few times before they decide to hang out together for a couple of days, fighting the loneliness and boredom that can get to you in Japan. The film is rewarded with three Golden Globes and one Oscar. The film language is English and Japanese (not translated, of course) and subtitled in Dutch.

good drinks

“For relaxing times, make it Suntory time”, that's the slogan of Bob Harris in his whiskey commercial. The film has several drinks in it - from sake to whiskey - and a moment for a small snack. The moments are perfectly spread along the film, making it the ideal film to toast and taste with the main characters. The whiskey is of course a must!
lost in translation

great timing

Cinema Culinair wants you to experience the film in the ultimate way. Gradually in the film – when the main characters taste a specific drink – we will show a number. At that moment you will pour yourself a drink from the small bottle with the matching number. Taste along!

When is the next screening of this film?

Lost in Translation will be shown only once every year, so check out our calendar.

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did you know...

This is only the second feature film of Sofia Coppola. It is appreciated with a 7,8 on IMDB.
Suntory is really a producer of whiskey. The whiskey in the film is Hibiki, by Suntory, very classy.
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