What you see is what you get: great food and drinks, simultaneously watching a great film. You will taste the same delicious dishes as in the film, perfectly timed at the right moment. That’s Cinema Culinair. Good film + good food + great timing. A unique experience. The clue lies in the timing. For example, when the main character in the Brazilian film Estômago eats a coxinha at 20 minutes and 54 seconds: our guests will do exactly that. A minute earlier or later makes the difference between a good and fan-tas-tic experience! Ultimately, what matters is that you will not only see and hear the film, but also taste and feel it. Check the calendar for the upcoming shows.

Zaal Staal Daria Scagliola Cinema Culinair
Zaal Staal. (Photo: Daria Scagliola)
chef cinema culinair


Chef is 100% feel good. Met fantastische snacks, latin flavour en mensen die hun baan opzeggen en hu...
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Eden is romantisch, hartverwarmend en... heerlijk zoet. Vertederend en verrukkelijk. Geniet van de l...
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