Frequently asked questions

Question: Can I return or swap my purchased tickets?
Answer: Purchased tickets are non-refundable and only valid for the specified date and the specified show. However, you can trade or exchange your tickets (if you like) at the Facebook event page.

Question: Can I reserve tickets?
Answer: That's not possible, unfortunately. We buy all ingredients per show, so we only work with pre sales.
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Gift package
Question: Can I buy tickets as a gift?
Answer: Yes you can. There are two ways. 1 Buy a gift voucher for an amount of your choice. The voucher can be redeemed for all shows. If you want the beautiful gift package sent to you by post, select the physical gift voucher (+ € 2,95), if you want it to be sent digital, select the digital voucher. 2 Buy tickets for the show of your choice. You can make your own gift or order the beautiful gift package for only + € 2,95. 
Question: Can we sit with our friends?
Answer: Of course! Per order, the guests seat next to or across from each other. If you ordered the tickets separately, or ordered extra tickets, please state the name of your friends / order number and we take care of the correct seating.

Question: Are drinks included?
At the film+dinner shows, a welcome drink is included but other drinks are NOT included. Sometimes there's one drink as a course in the film. You can order your drinks before the film or in the break and pay afterwards with PIN or cash. At the film+drinks shows, drinks are included plus one snack.
What you see is what you eat, so no cutomized menus
Question: How do you handle food allergies?
Answer: 'What you see is what you eat' is our slogan. We don't have custom menus. When you have an allergy, please check the menu of the specific show beforehand to see if the show is suitable for your diet. We advise you to skip the specific course(s) and/or swap the course with a friend. If you only have to skip 1 or 2 courses, we certainly advise you to join us. In doubt? Don't hesitate to call or mail us!
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