como agua para chocolate

Rose petals with quail, bitter tears in the wedding cake... in the atmospheric film Como agua para chocolate the cook enchants her guest through her dishes. Mexican classic film about forbidden love, seduction, passion, longing and romance. Taste the passion!

good film

Como agua para chocolate (Alfonso Arau, 1992) is a sensual food film taking you to the Mexico of 1900. Tita and Pedro are madly in love, but she can't marry Pedro; her sister must marry him. When Tita is asked to make their wedding cake, Tita discovers that she can do strange things with her cooking skills ... she can make others feel her excitement, grief, revenge and longing. The film is a Mexican classic about love, seduction, desire and romance and was nominated for the Golden Globe Award. The film is in Spanish with English subtitles.

good food

Tita enchants everybody with her dishes. Her emotions are reflected in the menu. Culinary classic film from Mexico. And the passion: you can really taste it! 


Wedding cake
Quail with rose petals*
Oxtail soup
Chili con carne
Stuffed peppers with walnut sauce*

*contains nuts

great timing

What you see, is what you eat. Timed exactly with the film. The culinary script of Cinema Culinair is leading for the chef and the service. Good film + good food + great timing. The clou is in the latter. An example. When Tita eats the oxtail soup at minute 55 and 18 seconds, we want our guests to taste exact the same thing. One minute sooner or later is the difference between a good and a fan-tas-tic experience. What matters is that you will not only see and hear the film, but also taste and feel it.

When is the next Cinema Culinair of this film?

We screen Como agua para chocolate once a year, so be sure to check out the calendar!

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