Cinema Culinair is a gift for every occasion 

A gift pack for a favourite film

  • The most popular present = 2 tickets for Chef, Julie & Julia, 100 foot Journey or another foodfilm, wrapped in a gift pack.

do it yourself book+DVD of estômago

  • A collectors item. Our book is not for sale in our webshop anymore, but it is still for sale at Groos, Kookpunt, Donner and EYE for €29,95.

birthday  with a group of friends

  • Something else then an ordinary birthday? Looking for something special? Check out the calendar and see if there's a Cinema Culinair close to your birthday. Just buy some tickets and ask your friends to buy their own tickets (instead of a present). We will make sure you're seated next to each other.

teambuilding with colleagues or customers

  • Do you want to strengthen the relationships with customers or your colleagues? And experience something special?
  • Consider Cinema Culinair. The easiest thing to do is to buy tickets for a public show and book a table of 24 persons. The film CHEF is favorite, but the Hundred foot Journey is also top for team days. 
  • Please contact us for a private screening. Mail to:
Foto Daria Scagliola

gift voucher

  • Do you want to give a film / food friend a voucher? That's possible in different ways (a voucher and an e-voucher). The nice thing about a voucher is that the recipient can choose the film and the date.
  • The voucher is valid up till 2 years.