hundred foot


France versus India. Picturesque, romantic and culinary fireworks with French and Indian cuisine in this Hundred Foot Journey. Beautiful images, delicious dishes and ... a taste with Helen Mirren. A film you really have to see, hear, smell and taste!
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chef cinema culinair


Chef is a 100% feel good film. With amazing dishes, latin flavour and people quitting their job and following their passion. Who doesn't want that?
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Julia Child Meryl Streep


Great food film with a lot of dishes. And with Meryl Streep… she makes sure you laugh every time again. Douze points: a true hommage to Julia Child.
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Een beetje vreemd, maar wel lekker. Dat geldt voor Tampopo, een van onze hoogtepunten. De perfectie van Cinema Culinair past bij de perfectie van de Japans/Chinese keuken. En die film: geweldig tijdsbeeld van Japan in de ‘eighties'.
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Een van onze favoriete eetfilms. Vanwege de spanning (je wilt geen seconde missen) en de heerlijke Braziliaanse smaakcombinaties. Niet voor niets hebben wij deze film uitgekozen om er een cadeauboek van te maken.
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Easy-going film about a boy discovering his passion for cooking. With classic English dishes, such as chicken in a basket and pork pie and with a great sixties soundtrack of Dusty Springfield. British comedy with a laugh and a tear and fluffy as a meringue.
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lost in translation


Sophisticated comedy about Japan, international travellers and a five star hotel. With beautiful drinks resonating the atmosphere of the film. Perfect film to see in an international hotel.
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Ideal film to combine with a wine tasting. Sideways is a light comedy about two middle aged buddies on a last wine tour before Jack gets married. Drink with - of course - Pinot Noir.
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'Here's looking at you, kid' zegt Rick tegen Ilsa, en daarna sippen ze aan de champagne. Een klassieker; romantisch, spannend en stijlvol. En dat geldt ook voor de drankjes. Toast mee met Humphrey Bogart en Ingrid Bergman, as time goes by.
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